A turning point….

I’ve heard so much about how you need to blog to really progress as an artist. Before, I had thought this to be such a silly statement, what did blogging have to do with art anyway? The usual answer? Blogging is another form of expression, as art is, and to be an artist one much explore every window of expression.

I still thought it was baloney.

The last week or so has had a large impact on what my life was, and as I’ve been given the opportunity to chase after my dreams, I wonder how my judgments in the past have shaped where I am professionally today. Growing up in a small town has it’s effects on people. I’m not saying we’re all hillbilly, overall-wearing, narrow minded hicks, but we do have our way of thinking about things.

Being given the chance to follow my dreams, there would be no worse feeling than knowing I missed out on great opportunities because I thought something was silly. I’ve decided to take every piece of advice and seriously explore their options, convincing myself “silly” could be turned into a personal social experiment.

In light of that interesting tale, welcome to my blog! And thank-you for listening to me ramble about my daily adventures, over-active imagination, and the progression of media and art bombs.

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