Icon development and accidental beauty

Weeks overdue I sat down to shoot two of the remaining icons needing work for my web page.  I have recently been inspired by artistic nudes from a photographer I sat down with a while ago – if you’ve seen much of my sketches or artwork lately there’s titties every where. Yet at the same time I shouldn’t find that odd as it’s the inspiration that brought Odrenina to my mind.

The two icons we shot this day were for the “canvas” and “spfx” galleries. I am very happy with the way they have turned out as I feel it suites the simple nature of the layout. Another plus to this run, was I got a couple shots that I found intriguing on their own. I’m finding a love more and more for black and whites, as I did more so years ago.  Perhaps I’m ready to start picking up the camera once again.

Aside from the past shoots, I have been developing my hermit ways. I’ve become fond to the idea of setting off to Montreal with some saved money and living a few months modestly, starving artist. (Not that the whole BC starving artist isn’t floating my boat, but I’m thinking hideaway with fresh bread and cappachino mornings mixed with stony walks and saxophone nights.)

Sound track to my world:clicky

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