It’s 2011?

Where did 2010 go? Everything happened so fast and now it’s January! There is snow on the ground  and we’re only waiting for this soupy mess to hurry up and wash down the drain.

Where does one start when they’ve neglected for so long? The beginning? The end? Shall we start in the middle and fan out?

January bring Canvas for Cancer‘s kick off event. The planning has been so hectic – and we’re not done yet! Everything fell together so fast that I found myself with three weeks to plan and promote an event when I had my own time cutting down. It’s one of those bananas on the cake life throws at you (because I don’t like cherries); sure, that extra topping might distract you and weigh you down, but you’re too excited about the damn banana that none of that matters.

This week alone was filled with time towards CFC. Tuesday double booked with the salon viewing and poster meeting. One step closer to the main event poster shoot and very excited for the outcome. One shoot meeting one day, one shoot the next. Our salon event came one more step together last night as we shot the event poster image for Shear Kindness. CFC teamed up with Global Salon to bring you salon hair cuts for only $25! It’s one night only so check out the event link and get in on the goodness.

Wednesday brings a lunch meeting and one after dinner. We will be meeting with photographer Ken Villeneuve and our models for an up coming shoot. We’ve got some great images planned for this one, and I’m already scheming canvas designs.

Demanding just as much love and attention is an up coming shoot for a photography work shop. I’ve been molding characters while lining up a talented team roster. Keeping it classic while adding some twisted flair has got my mind jumping back and forth from great ideas to keeping it soft.

Squished some where between is drafting designs for 2 new body paints. I haven’t actually had a chance to put pencil to paper yet, but the ideas are leaking in.

While all this hustle and bustle is happening, it’s nice to see the return as it comes. Last month Odrenina Arts gave away three make overs, last night I got images back for two of them.

As my mid day meeting closes in, I’m looking forward to my art date tomorrow. Perhaps I will sleep in, take a quick walk, and dive into the collaboration of creative minds.

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