A day/week/month of hectic activity

Things have been very busy lately, I’m swamped and in need of some rubber booties. (Who doesn’t like dressing up in rubber anyways?) Seven photo shoots lined up, multiple events, and sooooo many canvases I have been neglecting.

Last week capped off with working the Taboo Sex Show Saturday and Sunday for Pin-Up Perfection. A twelve and a six followed by coma time and sore feet, but it was worth it. Not only did I book four shoots in one day, I had so much fun working with the ladies. We had a great view of the stage and while working the booth I got to see some really cool acts. I’m not such a sucker for the shadow dancing, can-can, or such, but the burlesque was great and one stripper in particular blew my mind! (The one who came out as Darth Vadar and bounced, twirled, and hung to metal for all four songs. Hanging ropes and a hool-a hoop!)

Monday brought us back to charity. I am so excited about the turn out of our poster for Shear Kindness! Photoshop champ Basia banged out a gooder don’t cha think?

On short notice, we scrambled together in my living room to shoot for this poster. So many thanks to everyone who came out! Lincoln Electra, Emma, Anna, and Wilson.

The rest of this week has been packed with trying to get things in order for this event. I’ve been slaving over on my lap top pumping out letters, editing photos, posting credits, you name it! Things are falling together but we are still in need of a masculine door prize filler and I am hoping our photographer doesn’t get stuck in Hawaii (I was warned).

Piled on top of the event planning, I have two body paint shoots coming up and one style team to manage. I finally got down to sketching the succubus today although my meeting was non-existent. More sketching to get my butt in gear for and a plan for dragging my kit to White Rock in a couple weeks. Smashed between all this I must bust out 8 seriesed face charts, go through 4 applicant’s portfolios for booking, and piece back together my team for a long term charity project. Chin up. Power through it. And take life by the horns.

It’s been five hours of staring at my computer screen and I say “Good day to you sir!”

Off to attempt sanity for tomorrow, and VERY EXCITED for my art day with lady Lou.


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