Saying Goodbye To Home Once Again

Three years in waiting and I’ve finally managed to return home. Unexpected, last-minute, and hectic, but welcomed all the same. Hopping in a semi-truck the tiny adventure began.  I’ve missed the ocean, the forest, and winding roads – the water front breakfasts, barking sea lions, and familiar smell of fish? For the first time in many many months I had the chance to neglect a little work, although I packed it with the intention of keeping up. There is no guilt for this, as I very much enjoyed my grandparents, old friends, alone time, and the 20 pound chihuahua, Spike – my loved obese buddy. Less than 24 hours left in this tiny town, and there are still some things I haven’t had a chance to pack into my limited schedule. Let’s hope for sunshine tomorrow as I brave the nippy weather for a run with kiddies through goeducks [goo-ee-duhk] and go kiss the ground at my beloved speedway.

Here’s to the place you loath to live in, miss when you leave, and take awe in when you return.

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Until next time ❤

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Home Once Again

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your AWSOME!!!!!
    Its sad that it took us 3 long years to have a visit but I must say Im glad to see you take all us crazies with you. You never forget where you come from, you just add the old with the new ( punked out hair an make-up, with logger socks LMAO). Your a great friend to talk to an I really hope you come visit again soon! Love ya my little china doll ❤

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