Lust in Space, Fetish Fashion and Face

In true event fashion, another show was booked in a jam-packed weekend. This year for Canada Day a crowd of Vancouverites celebrated by watching a parade of color run down the stage from some loved local designers. My second year working backstage at the annual Restricted Entertainment Fetish Fashion Show at Celebrities Nightclub, it was great to see some new and returning designers. (2011 was Under the Sea!)

Face charts whipped up in a short time frame, a team of 3 mua’s and 2 hair stylists tackled 13 models for Suzee 666 at their home, studio, and backstage. It was great to have freedom to form with SPFX make up, and although my airbrush has a tenancy to act up regularly, things went pretty well.

Too tired to stick around for what was reported as an epic dance party, here are some photo’s I collected from those who were there to take it all in.

The event consisted of work from Suzee 666, Misty Greer, and HyperShine among others. I did concept work for the pink scaled alien, the spider, third-eyed bird, and crocodile hybrid. Hair was styled on a number of models by Lucy Lopez, also of GlassCity™ Collective, and Rianne Keel. Airbrush on other models was done by Jessica Martin and Bev Hoy with assistant. Photography is credited on each individual photo, thank you to Patrick Parenteau, Ono Photography, WeDo Photo, and Gothic BC for images.

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