Admittedly with all the work thrown at me lately my social life has been a bit lacking. One of the biggest weekends of the year in Vancity (PRIDE!!!) and I perfected the art of hermit-ism.

I missed out on pool parties (4), parades (1),  beers with friends (12), but topped it off with leaving the art show opening early as I was nearly falling asleep in my stilettos. Sounds like a recipe for faking your way through life at home. Fireworks are the sprinkles on top.

It’s a funny thing, solitary confinement, and I knew if I made it to anything this weekend it would have to be Sunday night. Titan’s Eve. The Rickshaw.

It had been a while since I saw the boys play. (How many months ago? I remember that time at Funky’s, but now that’s been over a year.) To tell the truth it’s been a while since I’ve seen any live music unrelated to work and I was happy to be there!

You wouldn’t believe the places I drag Lyanne out to, but skipping down the street I was a little excited and antsy to get out for a bit. O.K., maybe a little drunk too. I didn’t think that freezing the margaritas would leave me with nothing but sweet tequila to sip when ready. The thought set in quickly.

We bumped in the door as they were getting into the first song, beers in hand we marched to the stage. New & old songs while I stood beside new & old friends and swung our hair in anything but unison. Steady footing to offset the thrashing on all sides, the topics over smokes after were good sleep and stiff necks in the morning. I’m not sure how to describe the graceful mess before you, but can say that one night, you should probably just go partake yourself. Sweaty hugs outside, a shotgun or two, and thanking God for wearing your boots down Hastings.

Last night capped off the tour with ANVIL, but this week they are off again, touring with Kill Devil Hill through Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. (dates here)

Check out one from their new album, I’d be listening myself but it’s loud and I’m still too hung over.


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It was probably a good thing I didn’t tote my merch home last night but look forward to indulging in the full album tomorrow. I wish you nothing but the best my friends. Sound, brothers.  It’s been a long day sick in bed, but every bit worth it.

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