Raising Demonds with Shimona Henry

I could say this hit’s close to home, but the double entendre is almost too much. Too  much to title this punny. I almost did and erased it.

I flipped through the gallery and changed my mind.

Aside from my tendencies of being a guilty catholic, and the recent cravings for returning to the pew, this is, quite physically, my world. This is where I face monsters, dream, paint my face, and wonder if a higher being truly exists. This is the window I smoke from, this is the wall I lean on. These are the thoughts that may have crossed my mind.

Photography: Shimona Henry

Custom nuns veil &  rosary: Brandi Rawluk

storyboard, model & makeup: myself

3 thoughts on “Raising Demonds with Shimona Henry

  1. Jesus wept! These are beautifully dark shots of the internets most interesting model. Would love to see the UNcensored versions Ziicka bear….

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