Love or lust, I found The Wans

I’ve been listening to this album religiously since coming across it. (Thank-you Grooveshark explore!) Coffee, breakfast, a walk, or anything else a.m. habitual may go out the window, but The Wans are still on.

I’ll tell you there’s an off amount to dig up when Googleing these guys. Results for anything to do with “wants” and “wands”, pretty interesting folk if you don’t sort your facts.

Truthfully from Nashville, the quartet bang out tunes influenced by Black Sabboth, The Kinks, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mudhoney, 60’s/90’s (always fun to say), and many more – but you can learn all that from their Facebook.

Said wall boasts a picture of Seasick Steve, and I knew it was worth falling in love.
This is what my imaginary boyfriend sounds like.

I get the feeling when I first heard Grady. There’s something seductively drawling about the beat. It pulls you out, to think of and embrace your worst, maybe your best. Get lost. Get high. Make love. Make art

Infatuation. I want you when you’re on your own.

There’s a touch of twang that brings me home. Part way through “Landlord Blues Cafe” I envision moonshine in my glass, only to realize it’s pristine tea. Yes, I’m still procrastinating just as well.
That has also become habitual.

I don’t really want to pin point why I’m so fond of them, I don’t want to focus that much on finding a reason. A mix of evoked memories, craving a beer and cigarette, rhythm to drift in. Just enjoy.

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