Misty Greer opens our (third) eyes to AMERICAN GURU (event photography)

Garment line-up backstage.

Every once in a while a great night out aligns with a night free on my schedule. Last Thursday was suppose to be all comfies and hair dye, visits and tea with my Lucy Lopez.

Every once in a while I get a txt from a designer to change all this.

Turn down a night of relaxation? For Misty Greer – okay!

It’s not often I attend a show where my place isn’t scrambling back stage. I am usually frizzy haired, covered in everyone else’s  makeup, and running off symbolic caffeine. This time I got to dress in Misty and wander around with a camera – paparazii style. I may have forgotten to do anything with my own face – but hay, at-least my eyebrows didn’t rub off this time!

Blue Morris & Amber Ray performing.

American Guru was more than just a parade of decadent fashion, it was a full-bodied taste for one’s mind, body, & soul.

The night started off with smoozing & drinks. I popped backstage to capture some of the prep work (see the GlassCity™ alum here), as Misty’s design team tackled a line of models, working magic on makeup, hair, and even specially designed temporary tattoos. Jenna Devine of Belle of the Brawl Nail Design added finishing touches by whipping up intuitive claws for the runway.

Opening the acts, seductive voice Amber Ray (NYC) took the stage with Blue Morris, singing a dedicated song and wearing a specially made piece by the lady of the night, Misty.

Miss Indigo Blue giving the crowd a show during runway.

Reigning queen of burlesque, Indigo Blue (Seattle), followed with a comedic number, teaching ladies the ropes of self bondage and making a screaming hot rendition of Wonder Woman.

Both performers later walked in the show, Indigo stripping her dress at the height of photographer’s view. (More runway & design coverage after I pick Misty’s brain over a tea.)

As much as I am in love with fashion, it is also the people behind it who fuel this obsession. Seeing Misty dance on stage puts a smile on ones face no garment can. Knowing the sparkle and glow up there is reminiscent from countless hours of work, creating and leading up to this. The faces there to support her,  who have seen her in the crowd at their show, worn her designs on camera, on stage, in life – those who’s closets house their own piece of Misty. Faces beaming with pride, current clients and those wishing to be.

Misty Greer & models after runway.
Lola Frost & Delilah Diabolic

Faces backstage, on stage, in the crowd. Faces meeting new faces, and those who are familiar.

I loved watching the crowd, people in and out of the industry meshing together. The general feeling that night was of love.

Pocket Venus

I witnessed a few moments between persons that touched me. Friends embracing, strangers handing out compliments, and looks of admiration. I caught a few glittery eyes as people chatted, be it about work, music, whatever.

The DJ picked up with great music and I even caught myself dancing a little bit.

The following album is my personal selections from the night, some more candid shots from the people I rubbed elbows with.

Babe of the night, Miz Misty Greer.

Congratulation Misty, we love you!


The event has held at Guilt & Co in Gastown, November 8th 2012. Supported by The Five Agency, local to Vancouver.

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