Peace & Enlightenment

Beauty sleep disrupted. Demanding, consistent, knocks at my door. What  time is it? Who are you? They’ve “come to talk about peace and enlightenment.”

“Peace?!”, I ask. “I was quite peaceful in my sleep just moments ago.”

“Have you ever thought you are consuming too much?”, he asks seriously.

“At the moment, I’m quite hungry actually.” Using the pause in the air to explain our house views on religion, my Catholic background, and her choice to leave the Witnesses. “I believe your group has already excommunicated this one, and we’re quite happy with our slumber on Saturdays.” Explaining our choice to coexist and live in peace without forcing religion on anyone.

They politely left, believing my roommate and I spend our days sinning in a lesbian relationship. It wasn’t until a short while later, while talking to my grandmother on the telephone. that I looked down and realized what I was wearing.

Clearly depicted on my chest, is a long-horned figure, pentagram on his forehead. An upside-down cross levels out the bold lettering, black and white, “goatwhore”. How perfect.

Hail Satan!


My Grandma’s actually pretty cool, and laughed when I explained this. We talked about nudity a while ago.. and I received so much feedback. You can find that post by >>CLICKING HERE<<


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