Cake Walking for Boo La La / costume model at Taboo

Sugar & spice, And everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

This truck-trailer caught my eye while prepping to walk the day earlier. When Sunday came for Taboo 2014, Corby Martin (GlassCity Collective) popped by to snap the garments and girls on stage. Over a dozen ladies lined up to showcase wardrobe from six local boutiques in the Alternative Fashion Show, hosted by Bonerattle Talent.  (click here for more) Shortly after strutting, we dragged him through the curtain to play up our costumes backstage.


Marie Antoinette (Ru Ziicka),  Saloon Maid (Dottie), Mermaid (Ruby Roxx), and Pirate Captain (Sly Foxxx) styled by Dani Barnes with wardrobe from Boo La La Costumes. Last image with Dixie Delight, Riannaconda, & Lola Loops in  Shiverz Designs.
for Bonerattle Talent at Taboo 2014
photos Corby Martin of GlassCity Collective

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