Modern Tink in Metal Links (makeup & styling for photography)

I’d taken a keen interest in fashion styling again and collaborated on this concept with Donald’s Eye to feature his chain-mail jewelry.  He told me he had recently been swept up in the TV series “Once Upon a Time” with his wife and became inspire by the modernized fairy tale characters. Noting that Tinkerbelle hadn’t made an appearance, we begun talking about what type of person she would be in our modern world.

Heather Bowry met us at the studio to play the part of our energetic eco-activist with a feisty attitude; Tinkerbell 2014. In the set below we follow her from a train station, to an interview on set, and finally, at the release party for her newest book and nature infused work.

2014 Tinkerbelle

featuring Heather Bowry
shot by Donald’s Eye Photography
make up by Sarah Towler
hair & wardrobe by ziicka, featuring designs by Donald’s Eye Jewlery

-Train Station
ring & braclet: Donaldy’s Eye
vest, dress, & purse: ziicka’s collection
boots: model’s own
butterfly necklace & bracelet: Donald’s Eye
dress, stockings, & socks: ziicka’s collection
boots & phone: model’s own
-Press Release
gold bracelet (left lapel) & multi-bracelet: Donald’s Eye
blazer: ziicka’s collection
dress & boots: model’s own

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