Creative Beginnings of 12(HC)





A few months ago I shot with 12 babes at an East Van location. A fun day, working with some people I love and some I just met, blossomed. And I am thrilled for what is beginning!

It is a pleasure to find out that I have been cast as one of the “Twelve High Chicks“.
(A cute acronym for THC. ♥ )






IMG_9003 IMG_9004

[off the camera photos with Jolie Holiday & Soleil Yehmiah]

T.H.C. Magazine is an online publication aiming to educate the public on the medicinal use of cannabis, scientific breakthroughs, and pot culture. It was started by Mae Moon, playing on words and double meanings.11822833_892455760847207_8350808482571819577_n Her “Twelve High Chicks” are a group of toking ladies with open minds and a range of values. They evoke the mind and eye.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with T.H.C. again. Booked as the set standard, it was my job to model with girls who were scheduled in the casting call. Blessed with Kitten Puff on location, and Marybeth Lafferty behind the lens, we made magic in a Vancouver penthouse. The day was fun and productive.
I packed a big bag with a range of wardrobe, obviously including a certain cat pendant from Vicborgian Princess Designs11705195_383937085132962_3617298285287173407_n

A long day over, the three of us enjoyed the rooftop patio and white wine while the sun set – blissful.






Shooting last week, T.H.C. booked me to do creative makeup with a serious time crunch on application time. I banged out the 2.5hr looks in a fraction of the time, deciding what details were important and much aid from my airbrush.

IMG_9873The girls were great, smiling all day; our team was a positive force. Marybeth was again photographing; Ajia Moon, Carley Marley, & Willow Windsong posed in fun garments. It was my first time meeting Opus Fourtwenty, who was there to film behind the scenes.

Lions Bay was beautiful and I was ecstatic to wade in the ocean, (Maybe I took the liberty of walking a little deeper than needed…. until oops… I remembered the brand new tattoo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  )

I look forward to more creative days with this team and hold much excitement for things to come.

More behind the scenes and related posts can be found via Facebook: ziickaTwelve High Chicks


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