Fem Art at The Vaginal Variety Show / multi-media art series & event

This show pushed me outside my box. (Accidental pun accepted, but not intended.)

It nourished ideas half-formed and sparked conversations unimagined. It coaxed the absorption of knowledge; both because of the previous, and of itself.

It forced my mind to ponder… Why are we taught to be ashamed of this?

Arriving in the midst of a stagnant stretch, I embraced the opportunity (& challenge) to create a series – or, rather, a series of series – of cohesive pieces. Pieces that were both visually pleasing and carried a message.

A series dedicated to Aunt Flo.

“Absorbent Dreams”

Falling blood and tears bound by iconic white string to a “gold” ring, representing both the cycle and money spent.

“A Collection of Art-Ick-Facts”


1. “Aunty Nauseant” – dried peppermint, to sooth the tummy
2. “Dispersed Parts” – it’s not just blood, but mucosal tissue too
3. “Cotton Less” – a comment on choosing products that cause less impact on our body & environment
4. “Festive Flower” – cute names are cute. christmas cactus blossom & glitter
5. “Three Elements” – shed lining, an egg, & vulva represented
6. “Cleansing Floret” – pineapple sage spike; renewal
7. “Chocolate in its Purest Form” – ground cocoa, for those cravings

“Clotted Confetti” & “Over Flow”

“Cotton Swatches”


i to viii

The “Vaginal Variety Show” was held Saturday, November 26, 2016, at Red Gate Art Society in Vancouver, BC. A comedy, burlesque, and art show celebrating the magic of menstruation.
(You can see a full list artists & performers on my previous post.)

I would like to thank Diva Fandango and April O’Peel for producing such a wonderful event. It was so much fun!

You can find the remaining available pieces for sale via my shop.

♥♠, ziicka

ps: I got my period while writing this.

One thought on “Fem Art at The Vaginal Variety Show / multi-media art series & event

  1. Jenny Magenta says:

    Thank you so much for your contribution to the show and I adore my “Clotted Confetti” piece. I also am seeing beautiful vulva everywhere on the beach now since we had our conversation.

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