Fem Art at The Vaginal Variety Show (multi-media art series)

This show pushed me outside my box. (Accidental pun accepted, but not intended.)

It nourished ideas half formed and sparked conversations unimagined. It coaxed the absorption of knowledge; both because of the previous, and of itself.

It forced my mind to ponder… Why are we tought to be ashamed of this?

Arriving in the midst of a stagnant stretch, I embraced the opportunity (& challenge) to create a series – or, rather, a series of series – of cohesive pieces. Pieces that were both visually pleasing and carried a message.

A series dedicated to Aunt Flo.

“Absorbent Dreams”

Falling blood and tears bound by iconic white string to a “gold” ring, representing both the cycle, and money spent.

“A Collection of Art-Ick-Facts”


1. “Aunty Nausiant” – dried peppermint, to sooth the tummy
2. “Dispersed Parts” – it’s not just blood, but mucosal tissue too
3. “Cotton Less” – a comment on choosing products that cause less impact to our body & enviorment
4. “Festive Flower” – cute names are cute. christmas cactus blossom & glitter
5. “Three Elements” – shed lining, an egg, & vulva represented
6. “Cleansing Floret” – pinapple sage spike; renewal
7. “Chocolate in its Purest Form” – ground cocoa, for those cravings

“Clotted Confetti” & “Over Flow”

“Cotton Swatches”


i to viii

The “Vaginal Variety Show” was held Saturday, November 26, 2016, at Red Gate Art Society in Vancouver, BC. A comedy, burlesque, and art show celebrating the magic of menstruation.
(You can see a full list artists & performers on my previous post.)

I would like to thank Diva Fandango and April O’Peel for producing such a wonderful event. It was so much fun!

You can find the remaining available pieces for sale via laperfektrove.ca

♥♠, ziicka

ps: I got my period while writing this.


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