Second Narrows / 35mm film

In my excitement for taking pictures, I didn’t even realize my (new to me but pretty old) film camera was more challenge than I was ready for. Finding out that the viewfinder and the lens didn’t meet up, my heart was a little shattered at the idea of never developing what I saw.

Enter Ca$h, saving the day with a second camera in his bag. Enter $13 for a roll of 36 exposures. Enter another roll of 24 up island.

Enter a great number of obstacles, including the film being pulled out from the cartridge,  light damage while finding this out, and salvaging what I could while closed off in a half-renovated bathroom. Followed by a “lost” roll of coveted subjects (deer, mailboxes, machinery, buildings, and a bomb shelter) during the developing process.

My first time shooting 35mm black & white. Here are the exposures that survived.

16-12 eastvan 35mm - bridge.jpg

35mm tunnel

16-12 eastvan 35mm - under bridge.jpg






16-12 eastvan 35mm - gate.jpg


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