Twelve High Chicks Magazine, Online
– recurring articles; writing
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“The Foremost Circle”, directed by Sarah Worden
– costuming
BeatRoute Magazine
– Prints of Darkness Interview; writing
Beauty Mark Magazine: Issue VI

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Beauty Mark Magazine: Issue V

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Twelve High Chicks Magazine, Volume One
– featured Chick, “Star”; modeling
– Sara Gold Interview & Lemon Poppy Seed Recipe; writing
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SBC Calendar
– Miss March
Pinup Perfection’s SPCA Fundraising Calendar
– Miss April
Absolute Underground: Issue 62
– Zimmer’s Hole cover & interview; model
Beauty Mark Magazine: Issue IV

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Beauty Mark Magazine: Issue III
– fashion editorial: creditve direcor, writer, & wardrobe stylist
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Beauty Mark Magazine: Issue II
– fashion editorial: creative director, writer, model, & storyboard
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Atomic Bombshells: Issue IX
– model: Bonerattle Talent



Kirameki Mag: Issue 11 ~Believes~
– Model Spotlight: interview & modeling
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‘Learn The Hard Way” Music Video, The Speakerphones
– makeup on Mandy
watch: YouTube
“Not for the Saving”, directed by Kyle James-Patrick
– background; “club girl”
watch:  Teaser | Trailer


“The Fly” Music Video, MITIGO
– band makeup
watch: YouTube
Trickfactory Customs Commercial
– makeup & hair for Lalaa
watch: YouTube
“So Lost” Music Video, PYOOT
– makeup & hair on female talent
The Strugglers, 3 videos in 48 hrs
– appearing; “tall girl”, “street walker”, & “party girl”
“Weird Ass Nigga” Music Video, Zes Nomis
– makeup on Lalaa & appearing (Geiger alien; body paint by Jennifer Little)
watch: YouTube


C-Heads Magazine
– “Coast Avante-Gaurd” fashion editorial: hair & makeup
“Legend” Film, directed by Chris Fisher
– key MUA & costumer
watch tailor: YouTube
“Never Surrender” Music Video, Like A Storm
– makeup & styling for female talent
watch: YouTube
The Shrugs Music Video
– makeup & hair on Caitlyn


Die In Paris Music Video
– makeup & appearance


“Almost Told You That I Loved You”Music Video, Papa Roach
– makeup & appearing (“drummer’s girl” & background)
watch: YouTube