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The red light-bulb in a darkroom is very symbolic of my childhood. It sparks memories of chemical smells, a glowing “EXIT” sign, and black-and-white pictures for newsprint.
My mother often brought me to work, and sleeping under her desk could only entertain a child for so long.
Years later, when we moved to the outskirts of our home town, taking pictures became a way to entertain myself and capture the colors & patterns I found and obsessed over; it was a way to capture images in my mind that I wished to share with others.
After an extended hiatus from the lens, it was actually modeling that pushed me back to this passion; I must thank those people who extended our work days to pass on their knowledge.


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Mixing colors, bending lines, and pushing boundaries have always been my nature. I’ve painted everything I could get my hands on, for as long as I can remember. Canvas, wood, fabrics, leather… and after training as a makeup artist, I added bodies to the list.

Makeup, Hair, & Wardrobe