Prey Flirtation

My second year involved with the UnderGround FashionShow moved from makeup, to costume & character design.

The wardrobe, a mix of clothing and wearable art. The bodies, finished by tying in airbrush makeup and hair-styling. Models were choreographed to show flirtation between predator and prey while dancing down the runway.

The wolf came down first, greeting the crowd with his sly smile. The sparrow hopped down the steps, catching his attention, followed by the peacock, ostrich, and finally a sultry skunk clearing the stage.


Wolf – Mathew Theil | Constructed ears on vintage hat with fur lapel.

Sparrow – Charise | Feather beaded flapper dress.

Peackcock – Velveteen Habit | Airbrushed bustle with peacock feathers.
Metal boned corset by Lace Embrace

Ostrich – Littlebit Lizbit | Unfolding tail on pulley with knotted cotton top.
Bald cap by Liz McLeod

Skunk – Isis Noir | Bustle tail, knotted top, and neck piece.

Airbush, design, & production by Basia Wabik & ziicka


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